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ISBN: 978-81-957281-1-4


From the origin story of Baba Yaga, to a monster named, Jenny with iron teeth. A woman buried alive in the bog thousands of years ago, lives on, stealing the bones of anything she touches. A mysterious cave imparts on a group of twenty-somethings a curse that leaves the affected with an inescapable chill. A mysterious old woman rewards a kind sister and punishes a callous one, but over time, the gift provided to the kind sister becomes more and more unsettling. A wolf attack upsets the natural rhythm of life in a medieval English Village. Rumors abound that it is no mere wolf that menaces them. From A tale of a family cursed by a previous mistake in the modern-day retelling of welsh myth 'Llywelyn and Gelert,' to the tale of a small British village of Stegton, where three school friends discover a box of mysterious skulls in a local field. Aunt Sweetness, the Crickerwitch, one of the spirits who goes by thousands of names in the lore of the lakes, keeps coming back when the blue moon rises, answering a summons only she can hear, giving to some and taking from others, doing as she must to make sure her story never ends. When three teenage girls are murdered in a quiet Midwestern town, the rumor mill begins to swirl. Was it an escaped convict, spiteful classmates, or something more sinister?

Combining the elements of literary horror and folklore, 24 masterful authors from around the world present terrifying tales of folkloric madness in Their Ghoulish Reputation: A folk horror anthology.


Brianna Malotke, Josh Strnad, Elyse Russel, Graham Rodgers, Elou Carroll, Deborah Tapper, Henry Herz, Angela Sylvaine, Ian A. Bain, Anja Rekeszus, Nina Shepardson, Emmeline Teague, Christopher O'Halloran, Thomas Stewart, Erica Summers, Timothy Lanz, William Wandless, Adam Fleet, Ben Lathrop, Nick Petrou, Jennifer Jeanne McArdle, M. G. Doherty, CK LOVE, Sydney Koeplin

Cover Art and Graphics by

Renab Moon

Anthology Edited By

Rajiv Maity
Renab Moon


(Releasing October / 07 / 2022)


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(Coming Out On October / 07 / 2022)


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